About Vocol

Here I am, a brother of 3 and the cousin of Kenya Moore. I’m a native of Columbus, Ohio. At the age of 1, I was up rooted to Detroit, Michigan until I hit the age of 13. I’ve been dancing since I could own attention, but writing lyrics since I could move a pen. My library, consist of 350 lyrics and still growing. While in Michigan, I’ve obtained some airtime on CNN News. I did the choreography for my trio group called, “First Step”.

 So on to the studio for my first composition, that was written and recorded by me. I then took my talents to Eldorado, AR where I’ve participated in church choirs, school talent shows and small competitios. I’ve performed in an opening act Hosted by Benito, the backup singer of the infamous rapper” MC Hammer”. I had the chance to open up for Bushwick Bill, of the infamous group “The Geto Boys”.

I then moved back to my roots of Ohio, where I had the opportunity to auditioned for Gale Atkins “Tyrese” Manager at the time. I took on John Casablanca modeling and acting, once to appear in a Safe Auto commercial in 2003. Since then, I’ve become a member of ASCAP upon moving to Augusta, GA in 2004 as well as signing up with Cdbaby. I’ve made twoo television appearances on a local cable network in 2009. This network aired weekly by Dru Deadly McCoy (GLP) studios and hosting Craig Boogie of power 107 for Shine On T.V.I’ve opened up for “Lil G” of the group “Silk”, now known as Gary Jenkins.I’ve linked up with Coast to Coast on two mixed tape selections and an Atlanta appearance.

Later in 2014 I’ve signed up with Radio Airplay creating fans from all over the world. Creating a new album and 3 music videos.

Now keeping my grind going in acting with a short script written. Looking for someone to help produce & direct it.

Check out my press release…Get Romantic with Vocol | Indie Music Reviews

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